May 19, 2010

Wait for Day

Foglights and fingers
Groping swishing
Across caffeine sidewalk.
Flicker goes the afternoon neon.
Wait for day.
Yet again.

Written on December 8, 2008.

May 9, 2010


They say Asoka wept among the bodies he had slain
And the mercenary wept at a tribunal
And mothers had wept for dead sons
Skies wept for yesterday
And I weep today
Amid debris and specters
Spirited returns
And maternal reminders
Godly percussion
They sing so I can weep today.
These alien tears
Like a leaking drain in a cluster of hutments
Soaking the dry debris
These are my debris.
From epochs of battling.
These are my dead bodies.
I weep to soak their crevices.
I weep to feed their specters.